Piers Dowell – Airbrush Master


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Airbrush Courses

During the summer months Piers is happy to pass his knowledge on in tailored tutorial airbrush courses. These are usually on a 1on1 basis. They can be for the absolute beginner or the advanced airbrusher. It can be for paint shop practice on bikes & helmets or Mural and portrait work, or a mixture of all ! Whatever your requirements Piers will tailor a course to you and your skill level. Course length can vary from 2 to 5 days all held in Piers purpose built workshop with all its facilities at your disposal. Piers is also happy to recommend excellent value accommodation a stone’s throw away for those staying away from home.

“Piers is enthusiastic about his students, above is a picture of Jess, a very promising student! “

Lisa Munro

The Airbrush Company

Piers Dowell’s amazing course on Airbrushing Realism was just the training I needed to take my airbrushing forward. Piers is one of the best artists/trainers in the business who really takes his time to teach you how to use the airbrush proficiently and create breath-taking photo-realistic portraits using freehand airbrushing and various masking techniques. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to advance their airbrushing skills.



I would like to say ‘thanks, Piers’. It’s amazing how much I learned in a week. I almost completed two projects from prep. to finished article-a motorcycle helmet and photorealistic portrait.Any questions I had were answered. It was a friendly atmosphere and the tutorial time were flexible to your needs. If you want to learn airbrushing then this is the place to go. I highly recommend it.