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Piers Dowell - Airbrush Master

Enth Degree


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Butch & Sundance


The Butch and Sundance Guitar was a collaborative project between Piers and Rob Williams Guitars. The beautifully crafted custom built body was painted by Piers in 2007. It relied heavily on capture program technology from the DVD to supply enough footage for Piers to work from. Chronologically it was precursor to the stunning Pink Floyd Guitar and the Stones Guitars to follow. The Guitar is unusually cleared in a matt finish over the super accurate portraiture of Paul Newman and Robert Redford in this epic western.

You won't find an airbrush painter like this...
PDP: High end bespoke paint for Helmets & Custom Bikes in Great Britain. A business started by Piers Dowell in 1991 that runs with the motto ”it costs what it costs to make the job as good as we can make it”. A passion run on quality first and foremost.

Enth Degree: Exquisite customised pieces and fine art airbrushed to a level not available anywhere else in the world. A development of the hyper real mural work on Bikes Piers has perfected over 20 years and has a world wide reputation for. These pieces are unsurpassed in their quality and are totally unique.
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