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Piers Dowell - Airbrush Master

Enth Degree

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Butch and Sundance Guitar The Butch and Sundance Guitar was a collaborative project between Piers and Rob Williams Guitars. The beautifully crafted custom built body was painted by Piers in

Cricket Bats Centurion Bat The Centurions Bat was painted for a Charity Auction at the Hilton Park Lane Held by the Lords Taverners. The Bat had passport sized Airbrushed portraits

PFA Ball Commissioned for the PFA annual dinner this is a fine example of how technically accomplished Piers is on all levels. A composite triumph before it ever saw an

Battle of Britain Propeller Blade A beautifully crafted replica of a genuine Spitfire prop blade, this piece is close Piers heart. He is fortunate enough to own a Rolls Royce

Reno Air Races Propeller Blade A portfolio piece for Piers, this work is a tour de force of airbrush technique. Piers used a part taken from a mould he had

Lotus 49 - NOW SOLD Piers had always had a passion for what was perhaps one of the most iconic and beautiful racing cars, the Lotus 49. He sought to produce

Rolling Stones Guitar A great example of Piers ability to blend his knowledge of engineering and his eye for design together with his mastery of the Airbrush.The original brief

Moon Shot A piece created by Piers to celebrate 40 years since landing on the Moon. As a child Piers was given an August 1969 issue of ‘Life’ magazine by

Pink Floyd Guitar In February 2008 Piers commenced work on probably his best know piece to date, The Pink Floyd Guitar. The brief was to produce an item that had

Things I learned on a BIG Picture! Since the biggest image I’d airbrushed to date was around 400 x 300 mm 6x4 feet was quite a step up. I

Design Your Own Guitar | Custom Guitar Paint Jobs - Piers Dowell

For the past 20 years Piers Dowell has been honing his skills with the Airbrush committing to custom guitar paint jobs and others of the highest quality. An extraordinarily difficult instrument to master. Piers is now producing work not only unique in its concept but also technically achievable by only a handful of people in the world. That mastery makes his heavily themed artworks not only desirable as fine art but also applicable to the commercial world as well. This is partly due to his adaptability in design and varied use of substrate. His work has applications anywhere a theme can be epitomised by a piece of art. Applications range anything from the foyer of a prestigious building to the interior of a custom built yacht – Piers can even bring your visions to life and design your own guitar artwork. He can apply his imagery to just about any 3d non porous subject from an electric guitar to a football and even propeller blades. The extraordinary detail Piers can achieve has come by the relentless pursuit of improvement. The understanding of the complex processes of colour application with an Iwata Airbrush. This skill does not come easy which is why there are so few people worldwide capable of producing such workmanship. Piers also has a wealth of knowledge in such disciplines as pattern making, work with composites and the use of a machine shop. He enjoys bringing all this to create totally original pieces. Design your own guitar ,car, sports equipment or anything with a smooth surface and contact Piers today to see what he can do for you. Getting your custom guitar paint jobs to materialise into reality has never been easier. The spectacle of seeing his work for real is truly unforgettable as photographs do not really do justice to the stunning attention to detail and flawless workmanship. In absence of this luxury please enjoy the site and its contents which have in common the fact that they are all artworks executed to the Enth degree.

You won't find an airbrush painter like this...
PDP: High end bespoke paint for Helmets & Custom Bikes in Great Britain. A business started by Piers Dowell in 1991 that runs with the motto ”it costs what it costs to make the job as good as we can make it”. A passion run on quality first and foremost.

Enth Degree: Exquisite customised pieces and fine art airbrushed to a level not available anywhere else in the world. A development of the hyper real mural work on Bikes Piers has perfected over 20 years and has a world wide reputation for. These pieces are unsurpassed in their quality and are totally unique.
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